About Stephen Driggins

About Stephen Driggins:

Mr. Driggins is a highly analytical, versatile, and knowledgeable IT executive with a wide range of experience in both the commercial and government sectors. Mr. Driggins has over 17 years of international experience of management in the government and commercial sectors. Strengths include but are not limited to; ability to manage and coordinate multidisciplinary projects simultaneously with several teams, support over 50,000 users in a high impact, stressful, military environment. Beginning his IT career as an EDP (Electronic Data Processor) operator and rising through the ranks, Mr. Driggins has learned to appreciate the IT industry and the necessity for tremendous customer service. Mr. Driggins incorporates a proactive management style ensuring operational proficiency and timely completion of assigned projects within or under timeframe and budget. Additionally, he manages cross-functional IT programs with a focus on BMC ITSM/REMEDY/ADDM development, enterprise architecture. Mr. Driggins also hones development teams into highly motivated, self-managed units while consulting with CIOs and other executives to coordinate internal resources, line carriers, and milestone specifications for cost, scope and timeline